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Vehicle Exchange

Get the most from your transportation investment.

Vehicle Exchange Policies

  • MMS will accept in trade any church bus or van for credit toward future use of MMS buses or vans. Credit received will be based on the wholesale/trade in value. The church or group trading in the vehicle is responsible to provide two credible sources noting a fair wholesale/ trade in value.
  • The vehicle received on trade may be sold, traded or bartered by MMS at any point following the signing of an agreement.
  • Membership fees must still be paid by the church or group trading the vehicle. Credit received for the vehicle may be used to pay membership fees.
  • Trade in credit received may be used toward any reservation (or deposit) on a bus or van, but may not be used for fuel or driver expenses.
  • Trade in credit may be used for up to 50% of the full cost of a reservation. The other 50% must be paid to MMS in cash, check or credit card.
  • All credit must be used within 2 years of a signed agreement, unless otherwise negotiated. Vehicles with a higher trade in value ($10,000 or more) may receive an extended time limit.

Donate a Vehicle

Does your organization have a bus or van that is either getting too old or just not getting the use you thought it would? Maybe it’s time to think about reducing the costs associated with an unused vehicle that takes up space in your parking lot for 300 days out of the year!

Donating a vehicle to MMS is a great way to bless others through your generosity. We use these vehicles to raise funds in our effort to minister to others. Donated vehicles qualify as charitable gifts and may be eligible for a tax donation.

Please contact Lucas if you have any other questions! lucas@eyms.org

For Sale

We currently have no buses or vans for sale.