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Vehicle Use Policy Form

Please read thoroughly.

Van Rental Policies and Procedures

1. All van drivers must be at least 21 years of age.

2. MMS will require a major credit card on file for every user upon reservation. MMS will accept any form of payment for your convenience but if reservation is not paid in full 14 days prior to departure, MMS will use information on file to draw payment. There is a 3% fee due upon reservation to offset finance charges from PayPal.

3. Driver is required to carry liability and collision insurance coverage for use of MMS vehicles. Damage to any equipment (body or mechanical), is the responsibility of the driver using the equipment, and is to be reported in a timely manner. With such damage, MMS will contact driver insurance company to seek repair. Driver will need the following to rent a vehicle: 1.Proof of insurance with underlying coverages 2. Hired and non-owned auto liability and physical damage

4. Should an accident occur that involves another vehicle or personal injury, the driver must contact the MMS office immediately. If any physical damage or an injury has occurred, a police report must be obtained and submitted to the MMS office upon return. Any damage that does not involve another vehicle or personal injury may be reported upon return of the vehicle to our office.

5. Vehicles shall be released with a full fuel tank and must be returned the same. If not returned full, a $30 service charge per vehicle plus double the cost of fuel will taken from payment method that is on file (cc, bank account, etc.). Please note the type of fuel for each vehicle. Should the wrong fuel be placed in a vehicle, the member is responsible for the cost of repairs (including towing).

6. Upon return, driver is responsible to ensure that all trash has been collected and disposed properly. If excessive cleaning is required, a charge of $25 will be assessed the lessee (at the discretion of the MMS cleaning team).

7. MMS is not responsible for any personal items left by passengers that are lost, misplaced or abandoned. The member representative using the vehicle is responsible to make arrangements for retrieving items left in vehicles (do not have passengers contact us directly).

8. With 15 passenger vans, lessee is highly encouraged to transport no more than 12 passengers at any given time. Also, groups and their drivers are responsible to insure that all passengers use seat belts in vehicles equipped with belts.

9. Each group representative is responsible for contacting MMS 24-48 hours prior to designated use to verify pick up and return times. PLEASE CALL IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE ARRIVING EARLY FROM A TRIP. The group representative is responsible to leave the keys in the same location and lock the vehicle upon return. There may be a $100 fee for every HOUR that the van is late per signed agreement. If you are to be late, please call with ETA.

10. Current pick up and return location is 200 Taft Street, Zeeland, MI 49464

11. Upon pick-up and return, keys for vehicles should be picked up and returned to lock box near South building entryway

Transportation involves risks and is unpredictable. Breakdowns can and will occur. When they do, MMS shall not be considered or treated as a vendor, expected to immediately produce another vehicle regardless of cost. Should the MMS Leadership Team determine that an association member does not fully grasp the purpose of the organization and treat the MMS team as a vendor (vs. partner), the MMS Leadership Team or Board of Directors may discontinue the membership status of the member.

(Policies last updated July, 2016)