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Why choose MMS?

Working with us has its advantages.
How much could we save?

In most cases, you’ll save 10-15%.  Since we charge a flat rate for passenger vans, there is no change in rates for spring break or other busy times of year like you see from rental agencies.

Are the MMS vehicles mechanically sound?

Yes, all our buses and vans are inspected pre-trip/post-trip and gone through annually for proper certification.

Do the coaches have adequate luggage storage?

Yes, there are three large bays underneath the seating area, as well as overhead storage above the seats.

Do the coaches have restrooms?

Yes, we ask that the restroom not be used for very short trips, however for day long or multiple day trips, the restroom may be used.

Do the coaches have DVD players and monitors?

Yes, there is a DVD and VHS player, along with three monitors. Groups may use this equipment for short or long trips.

Do you have more than one pick and drop off location?

Currently the only location for pick up and drop off is at our headquarters located at 200 Taft Street in Zeeland, MI.  We are, however, looking to expand these in the near future to Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.