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What people are saying about MMS

One of the biggest hassles in ministry is transportation logistics.  Mobile Ministry Solutions handles the transportation logistics so I can focus on the main task of ministering to people.  Over the years they have become an invaluable partner in ministry.

Dave Roberts, Lakeshore Vineyard

Since our church is an urban congregation, many of the people blessed by our ministry have limited resources, and this reality shapes much of our planning.  The availability of wonderful, low-cost transportation like the type offered by Mobile Ministry Solutions greatly enhances our ability to reach our goals.  We simply could not facilitate many of the activities that we organize without the help of M.M.S.

Jerry Fondse, Neland Ave. CRC

MMS has become essential for the mission work of our youth ministry.  They work hard to provide reliable transportation to youth ministries.  If you have ten kids you need to get around town or if you need to move 120 students a thousand miles MMS is the best answer to your transportation needs.

Eric Folkers, Vriesland Reformed Church

MMS has blessed our ministries so that we can, in turn, be a blessing to others.  Transportation is a frustration for many ministry leaders; MMS has allowed our leadership to do just that… lead.  While vans, buses, and miles are what MMS provide for ministries; the product of their services is kingdom growth.

Nate Heyboer, Community Church