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Common Concerns

You have concerns - we can address them all.
The Rates

As an MMS member, your church or group will save significantly over renting vans or chartering buses. Additionally you’ll likely discover that your church or non-profit group will reduce transportation costs over owning your own vehicles. We encourage you to crunch the numbers and take a look. You’ll most likely discover that by the time you pay insurance, maintenance expenses, and figure in depreciation, your cost to own is greater than becoming a member of MMS. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, storage, or turning the key and finding a dead battery. The MMS team takes care of this for you.

The reason our rates are so reasonable is simple. First, Eaglecrest Youth Ministries Services, the parent organization, is a 501 c 3 non-profit corporation. We don’t make a profit, just cover our expenses. Second, because Eaglecrest and MMS has very little overhead expense (don’t own a building or lot), we pass these savings on to the members.

Vehicle Safety & Reliability

The MMS team works diligently to find newer and/or well-maintained vehicles. All vehicles are sent through regular safety inspections by certified mechanics. A preventative maintenance program has been established to head off potential “on the road” breakdowns. Although we cannot guarantee a break down won’t occur, we believe our program, overseen by qualified, certified mechanics, will minimize potential road issues and breakdowns. Likewise, we follow all the federal and state standards for vehicle safety and driving regulations. No vehicle will be released to a group in a known, unsafe condition. Likewise, all bus drivers, should you use our driver pool or your own, are legally qualified and rigorously screened by our team. All drivers will follow federal and state driving regulations.

Insurance Information

Eaglecrest maintains full comprehensive and liability insurance on all vehicles, however each church or group is responsible for providing their own coverage while using MMS vehicles. Damage to vehicles is the responsibility of each group using the vehicles. Additionally, each church or group must seek to establish their own liability and medical coverage for their drivers and occupants.(vans only) This is normally called “non-hired” or “non-owned” auto coverage, and is typically built into most church insurance policies. If your church or group does not have proper coverage, Eaglecrest/MMS can provide coverage for an additional annual fee (contact us for details). Keep in mind as well that if a vehicle is damaged as a result of negligence or mis-treatment (i.e. towing a heavy trailer), your church or group will be responsible for the repair. Churches and groups are responsible for annually checking to see if their coverage is current and adequate.

Not a Rental Agency

Many groups initially contact us and ask about renting or chartering vehicles. We don’t use “rental” language because your church or group is not renting equipment from us. In reality, you’re using equipment that belongs to you (as well as the other members). That’s the benefit of a membership association, and why membership is necessary. We cannot allow non-members to use vehicles or equipment for that reason. That’s also why vehicles are not available for personal use. As a member, you also have the privilege of attending our annual association meeting in the Fall. At this meeting, your church or group will be given a voice and one vote on each motion or amendment. You become part of the governing body. Keep in mind, however, that based on our by-laws, no one church has a material or financial interest in the Association. Should the Association ever dissolve and assets exist, the assets would be sold and the profits divided equally among all the then current members.

Membership & Use Rates

Membership and usage rates are set by the Leadership Team and approved by the Board of Directors. The Leadership Team consists of the three full-time staff members led by the Executive Director. This team carefully reviews rates annually and will makes adjustments based on the cost of operation and then presents the findings to the board for approval.